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What Is Bitcoin?

The way that people perceive money is changing. Thanks to Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, there is now hope for a more cost-effective payment method. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to function without financial, or political institutions. The network effectively manages transactions, and issues Bitcoins.

This cryptocurrency has been designed to be open source, which means that its design is open to the public, anyone can buy Bitcoin assets, and perform transactions via the network, and no one owns, or controls it.

Because of many of its distinctive attributes, Bitcoin enables novel applications that could not be supported by any preceding payment system.

Bitcoin’s Short, But Eventful History

There were several attempts to create a digital currency before the release of Bitcoin in 2009. The use of blockchain technology in Bitcoin's peer-to-peer network is what has made it so popular.

Bitcoin was released to the public in early 2009 by Santoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious person, or entity, that has not been identified yet. The cryptocurrency is managed by a decentralized authority, which means that it is not run by any person, entity, financial institution, or political party.

This popular cryptocurrency has taken investors, and the rest of the world, on a bumpy ride from its modest origins in 2008 to its pinnacle in 2017. It has soared, dropped, recouped, and then soared again in just over a decade.

Trading On Bitcoin

Bitcoin trading is a method of betting on price movements of the digital currency. Traditionally, people purchase Bitcoin, and resell it when it is worth more to try and make a profit. However, Bitcoin trading is becoming more popular.

Cryptocurrency traders are beginning to use derivatives to speculate on both rising and falling prices to capitalize on Bitcoin's volatility. With Bitcoin System, you can speculate on the price of Bitcoin using financial derivatives.

Bitcoin System allows you to speculate on the price movements without owning the digital coins, which means that you do not have to worry about the security of Bitcoin tokens. However, keep in mind that whether you gain or lose is dependent entirely on how you interpret market trends.

There are two ways to trade on bitcoin. The first is trading directly on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can access live feeds on Bitcoin System’s exchange platform. Another way to trade is through a cryptocurrency brokerage or platform.

How to Trade on Bitcoin on a Platform

Without the necessary know-how, you could potentially make a loss on your cryptocurrency trades. Follow these steps to understand how to trade on Bitcoin with Bitcoin System.

Understand What Impacts Bitcoin’s Price

To hopefully make a good trade, you need to understand the factors that influence Bitcoin’s price. The following factors influence Bitcoin’s price movements.

Supply. Bitcoin currently has a finite supply of 21 million Bitcoins, which is going to be exhausted in the coming decades. Like gold is more valuable because it is so rare, Bitcoin is also considered by some as valuable because it is in short supply.

Making headlines. Any headlines about Bitcoin's security, worth, or long-term survival may hurt its market price.

Changes, events, or announcements. Alterations in regulations, security issues, and economic, and financial Bitcoin announcements can all have an impact on the cryptocurrency's prices. Any agreement reached by users on how to speed up the network could boost trust in Bitcoin, which might cause the price to rise.

Integration into payment systems. The public perception of Bitcoin is dependent on its incorporation into new payment services, and banking systems. If this is done successfully, demand for the cryptocurrency may increase, which might cause an increase in its price.

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Choose Your Trading Strategy

There are four main trading strategies that you can employ to help you get into the trading game.

Day Trading. Day trading Bitcoin entails opening and closing a position in a single trading day. This trading strategy does not allow you overnight Bitcoin market exposure. A possible benefit to trading this way is that you do not have to pay any overnight finance fees on your position.

If you want to try and benefit from Bitcoin's short-term price changes then this strategy may be the perfect one for you, and it can hopefully help you take advantage of the daily volatility of the cryptocurrency's price.

Bitcoin Hedging. Hedging Bitcoin involves trying to reduce your risk exposure by taking a position that is opposed to one that you already have open. This is the strategy to use If you are worried about the market moving against you.

HODL Strategy. TThe HODL strategy entails purchasing and storing Bitcoin. Its name is derived from a misspelling of the word "hold" on a popular cryptocurrency forum, and it is now commonly said to be a short form of "hold on for dear life." You may purchase and hold Bitcoin if you suspect its price long-term should rise.

Trend Trading. This trading strategy entails taking a position that corresponds to the current market trend. If the market is in a bullish trend, you would go long, but if it follows a bearish trend, you would go short.

Should this trend begin to reverse, or slow, you may consider closing your position, and starting a new one to fit the changing market trend.

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Decide To Go Long or Short

Trading derivatives allow you to go long, or short based on current market trends. Going long implies that you anticipate a rise in Bitcoin's price while going short indicates you anticipate the price to fall.

Monitor Your Trades

To open a Bitcoin trade, you would open a buy position on the asset if you thought the price would rise and open a sell position if you thought the price would fall. Once your trade is open, you must keep an eye on the market to try and ensure that it is moving in the direction you expected.

Close Your Position

You can close your position when you want to cut a loss or take a profit. Profits are credited directly into your Bitcoin System trading account. Losses are deducted from your Bitcoin System account balance.

Bitcoin System is a useful tool to help you trade on cryptocurrencies. If you wish to join, you can easily sign up to begin trading!

Trading Via a Crypto Broker

Trading through a cryptocurrency broker may be the best option to gain knowledge for a beginner because trading directly on an exchange can be risky if you do not know what you are doing.

Crypto brokers may also be ideal if you want to trade with a smaller amount.

Keep in mind that cryptocurrency brokers do charge a fee for their services if you choose this method of trading. Bitcoin System lets you trade on Bitcoin with the help of an account manager to help you along your trading journey.

The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has faced a few challenges during its existence, but it has continued to grow significantly, and has attracted the attention of large companies, and institutions, around the world. It is estimated to have a market cap of around $450 billion US dollars.

The cryptocurrency is currently something between a store of value, and a payment method for daily transactions. It is expected by some to become a mainstream payment mechanism as countries accept it as a valid form of payment for services, and goods.

Bitcoin's commercialization as a payment method is impossible unless its blockchain is modified to allow for more daily transactions.

The blockchain must be capable of handling millions of transactions in a short period. Various new technologies, such as Lightning Network, show valuable results in expanding the operating capacity of this cryptocurrency.

Why Bitcoin

Like any other investment, cryptocurrency investment has possible benefits, and drawbacks. Because of the market's volatility, cryptocurrency investments can be risky when compared to other types of investments.

Even Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, can make for a risky investment because of its volatility, so is a Bitcoin investment a good idea?

Bitcoin investments proved their worth for some traders, with the price of a single Bitcoin rising from one dollar in 2011 to more than $65,000 by 2021.

If you already have other kinds of investments, it might be a good idea to consider adding a Bitcoin investment with Bitcoin System to your portfolio, to try and diversify your investment portfolio.

How to Sign up for a Bitcoin System Account

If you wish to join, register for an account with Bitcoin System by following these simple steps. All you need is an internet connection, a mobile, or desktop device, and an initial deposit.

01. Sign up on Bitcoin System’s website.

Register on Bitcoin System’s website by completing the registration form.

02. Receive a call from an account manager.

Once you have registered successfully, an account manager should call you back. The account manager offers you the option of using assistance, but you can choose to trade on your own without any assistance.

03. Sign In.

Sign in with your credentials and begin trading on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions - Bitcoin System

What is a digital wallet?

A wallet is required to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It does not store the number of virtual currencies that a person owns, but it does store private keys, which allow users to easily access their holdings. This wallet is not physical, only exists online.

Imagine the insides of a crypto wallet as distinct from the physical wallet in which you keep your cash. Consider it more like a safe deposit box, or vault. You must have a designated key, also known as a digital password, to access, and withdraw your virtual assets.

How does Bitcoin trading work?

Trading Bitcoin involves speculating on Bitcoin's price changes using financial derivatives.

These derivatives allow you to go long, speculating on price increases, and short, speculating on price drops. Your profit, or loss is determined by the accuracy of your prediction, and the size of the market movement.


Due to market volatility, trading Bitcoin can be risky. When you open an account with Bitcoin System, you should always be vigilant and try to reduce your risk as much as possible.


Taking an online course is a good way to learn how to trade on cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain Council offers a Certified Cryptocurrency Trader program in which you can learn everything there is to know about cryptocurrency trading.

There are also several other online courses available to teach you how to trade on cryptocurrencies. You must also keep up with current events and understand how the public's perception of Bitcoin affects its market performance.

What happens if I lose my Bitcoin assets?

Sadly, because distinctive private keys are linked with personal Bitcoin wallets, if the digital keys are lost, there is no way to recover them without a security code, or another retrieval system, and that key is required to access those coins.

However, many modern wallets allow you to create wallet, and key backups before storing money. This enables you to generate a new private key, allowing you to restore your private key on a new wallet if it is lost.

Is Bitcoin System suitable for beginners?

Bitcoin System was designed for all kinds of traders, from the beginner to the seasoned trader.

Be sure to spend enough time learning how to trade and studying market trends before attempting to perform trades on the crypto platform.

Can I trade on my smartphone?

Yes, you absolutely can. Bitcoin System has an innovative mobile version that allows traders to conduct their business at all hours of the day on their smartphones. You can sign in to Bitcoin System’s platform from any device as long as you have stable internet connection and a browser.